Huge Selection of KeysWe have a huge selection of KEYS!

  • Standard house keys: in many shapes and sizes including NRA – and others such as fun groovy keys, armed forces or your favorite professional or collegiate sports team
  • Skeleton, barrel and bit keys: many harder to find keys used with mortise locks or older furniture and cabinets
  • Ace or tubular keys: can be originated or duplicated, commonly found on safes, or cabinets or motorcycles
  • Transponder: vehicle key which is ‘chipped’ to engage with the vehicle computer via radio frequency to allow ignition to function
  • Sidewinder: high security vehicle key which has unique channels on the blade which may also be ‘chipped’ and require programming
  • Vehicle ‘chipped’ keys: require onboard programming or programming via use of diagnostic equipment. These vehicle keys are sometimes thought to be only available at car dealerships!!!
  • Code cut keys: generally able to cut via code generated from vehicle or VIN, or codes found on file cabinet, desk drawer, motorcycles, RVs, etc.
  • Restricted keys: allows key control by owner, from patented KABA PEAKS to other semi restricted or ‘DO NOT DUPLICATE’ keys
  • Master Key systems: key system developed/generated to allow convenience to owner for security and use of one Grand Master key to work in all lock cylinders, with other levels of keys to allow access to certain people to certain areas as set up by requirements of owner

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