Locks / HardwareLSDA – Locksmith dealers of America – hardware: quality built products with high rating in price performance value and only available through locksmiths.

Residential and commercial applications: (3) grades available: 1, 2 and 3 which corresponds to commercial heavy duty use to standard residential use.

Various finishes: most commonly brass and satin nickel but others available

Knob and Lever

  • Multiple functions : passage (ie:closet), privacy (ie:bathroom), entrance, classroom, storeroom (always requires key to unlock) and institutional (requiring key on both sides to unlock)
  • Deadbolt: recommend for security aspect as difficult against forced entry compared to knob or lever sets

Additional Types of Locks

  • Keyless/electronic keypad locks
  • Deadbolt : battery operated with a key override  ie: Schlage
  • Lever : battery operated with a key override  ie: Schlage
  • Mechanical pushbutton :  no batteries, no key override; deadbolt or latch options
  • Handleset entry locksets
  • Cam locks
  • Desk and drawer locks
  • Locks for cargo carriers
  • File cabinet locks or locking bars
  • T and L handles for cabinets or truck caps

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